STL vs 3MF... Time make the Switch?

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As someone who has used .STL files for over 10 years, I haven't even considered using any other format for 3D Print files, with the exception of the occasional .OBJ.

In a typical 'Judging a book by its cover' situation I was quick to dismiss .3MF as an option, mainly because of its connection with Microsoft/Autodesk/Dassault etc...

But after accidentally exporting a model from Fusion 360, I may just stick with it!

What is the .3MF format & why it is better than STL?

3MF or '3D Manufacturing Format' is a relatively new, XML based file format, created by the 3MF consortium. Its also completely open-source. Free from royalties, patents and licensing

Unlike STL files, 3MF includes much more than just a bunch of tessellated triangles. It includes Scale, Colour, Material, Texture & Multiple Independent Objects. It also generates a thumbnail preview, which can be changed to a high resolution render if required.

It uses the same compression as a ZIP file, so the file sizes are much smaller. Compared to a Binary STL file with the same settings, it is over 3 times smaller in file size!

But one of its most 'Solid' features, pardon the pun, is that it will ALWAYS produce manifold objects! No more holes or overlapping features! 

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