ColorFabb Copperfill (0.75kg)

ColorFabb Copperfill (0.75kg)

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3D print with metal on your own desktop 3D printer.

This amazing one of a kind filament will allow you to print with actual copper at home! Straight from the printer parts look almost laser sintered with a matte finish. With a bit of sanding and polishing, the copper particles will start to shine and shimmer unlike any 3D printing filament you have seen before.

The weight of the material is something special, about 3 times heavier than our regular PLA/PHA. *Testing showed reliable results using the all metal hot-ends, such as the E3D and the Makerbot Replicator 2 hotend. Hotends which uses a teflon isolator coupler can generate adhesion to the copper filament, possibly leading to clogs and is there for not recommended for novice users yet.