Filaform Select PLA (1kg)

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PLA (Poly-Lactic Acid in full) is a bio-degradable plastic derived from plant based sources such as corn starch. Possibly the most popular desktop 3D printing material due to it's ease of use. It doesn't require a heated bed, has almost no warping and gives off a sweet smell when printing.
Extrusion Temp: 180 - 215ºC
Bed Temperature:  0 - 65ºC

Contaminant Free
Produced in a temperature and humidity controlled environment, contamination from airborne particulates or moisture cannot reach the material during production. The extrusion machinery is cleaned after every run to guarantee each spool is free from imperfections.
Intelligently Wound Spooling
Each spool is perfectly wound by sophisticated electronics, placing each layer of filament side by side and with even tension. This results in a tangle free unwinding, eliminating failed prints caused by crossed over filament.
Remaining Filament Estimator
The clear spools have markings on the sides, indicating the length of filament remaining. This allows you to quickly judge if you have sufficient material to complete a job. 
Large Centre Hub
The uniquely designed spool has a large centre hub that reduces the radial stress on the filament. This greatly reduces the tendency to "pig tail" when you get close to the end of the roll. This can be especially apparent with 2.85mm PLA.